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I/O Extended 2017 Nanning Report/活动总结

I/O Extended 2017 Nanning Report

南宁I/O Extended 2017活动总结

Thanks for all GDG Nanning members & local developers came to the great moment of I/O Extended 2017 Nanning. And we got a high school student spent the whole night with us. Thank you. It was very great to have you here @ the event.

首先非常感谢GDG成员及本地的开发者们,冒着作息时间颠倒的不适应,前来参加这个激动人心的I/O Extended之夜。我们要特别感谢,我们当中来了一位高中生(本来有四位高中生报名,可惜基本三位同学没能来),与我们共渡了一个不眠之夜。谢谢你。

We are sorry for the developers who can not come to the event, but we have prepared wine and food for you.


We hope that more & more local developers & people will come to the coming event: I/O 2017 Redux Nanning.

希望有更多的本地开发者和人们将会前来参加接下来的 I/O 2017 Redux 南宁回顾活动。

One more thing, we moving to Meetup now, plesase feel free to join us: http://meetu.ps/c/3cPvY/B2lkk/f .

另外,我们正在迁移到 Meetup 上,欢迎大家到 Meetup 上来,一起开心学习,进步:http://meetu.ps/c/3cPvY/B2lkk/f


Thank to Mr. Lee for he took a lot of wonderful photos, let’s see them.

感谢 Mr. Lee 给我们拍了很多精彩的相片,来欣赏一下现场照片吧。

For more photos please visit here: https://www.meetup.com/gdg-nanning/photos/27862304/

or here:


更多照片请看这儿:https://www.meetup.com/gdg-nanning/photos/27862304/ 或这儿:https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/gallery/cf41vrq4mu2anf4c1fd1gta7gis?sort=1