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Set the newest OpenSSL for your Development Environment on macOS

在 macOS 上为你的开发环境设置最新的OpenSSL。

There thousands of questions asking about upgrade of OpenSSL. I think I just got my best answer from Patrick Bougie (GitHub link: https://github.com/pbougie ).

网上有成千上万的贴子在问如何升级OpenSSL。经过一轮老司机式的谷歌搜索和比较,我觉得我从Patrick Bougie (GitHub链接:https://github.com/pbougie) 那里找到了最适合我的答案。

So thank you, Patrick Bougie for the great works.

感谢 Patrick Bougie ,你做了这么棒的指南。

And here is the url for the detail: http://mac-dev-env.patrickbougie.com/openssl/. Please check the ‘ Compiling a Web Development Environment on macOS ‘ article from him here: http://mac-dev-env.patrickbougie.com.

这儿是该指南链接:http://mac-dev-env.patrickbougie.com/openssl/。同时别忘了访问 ‘ 在 macOS 上编译 Web 开发环境 ‘ 全集指南,链接是:http://mac-dev-env.patrickbougie.com